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Master the grooviest game ever d(-.-)b



Moana: Rhythm Run

Moana: Rhythm Run is a co-production between Disney Interactive and Cocodrilo Dog.

Tap your way through this rhythmic, action-adventure game featuring music from the new Disney film, Moana! Play as both Moana and Maui as you journey to restore the Heart of Te Fiti. Voyage to distant islands, take on Kakamora pirate ships, and battle in the Realm of Monsters. Experience the unforgettable music directly from the Moana film as you sail, jump, run, and fight your way to save the day and discover your destiny.

ADVENTURE to the beat of unforgettable songs directly from the film
BRAVE over 70 levels on land, sea, and beyond
SAVE THE DAY as you battle Tamatoa, strange creatures, and an army of Kakamora
JOURNEY with familiar faces like Heihei, Pua, and more
EARN HIGH SCORES with power-ups that slow down or speed up the game

Audio Ninja

Feel the beat and defeat evil!

Audio Ninja puts you in control of Ninjipu, a young ninja who is having some trouble finding his own path. But when he is given an awesome pair of headphones by Bill Merchanto, a mysterious man from the future, he gains the power to defeat his enemies by following the rhythm.

Experience the most intense action by defeating hordes of clones created by Clone Evil, while all your brain cells dance to the beat of outstanding soundtracks!

It has been the #1 music game in 66 countries and the #1 adventure game in 27 countries in the Apple App Store. It was published by Televisa, the largest Latin America media company located in Mexico.

Additionally, it was selected as game runner-up in Best of 2013 selection of the App Store in Latin America and Spain.

Co-Producer: Brainz Games

Co-Founder Juan Pablo was awarded by the MIT Technology Review for the game mechanics and engine in Audio Ninja

The musical mechanics are somewhat natural and attractive to humans. However, in many cases, the development of musical talent is rather tedious and demotivating. Juan Pablo’s creation, an action game for mobile devices based on a command of rhythm, is revolutionizing the way of developing these skills in a simple and intuitive way.

Unlike the explicit form of other musical video games, which display notes or pentagrams which discourage those who do not know much about music, Juan Pablo has used digital tools to fully integrate the mechanics of the rhythm in the game, as a fundamental aspect in the user experience. Since it appeared in the App Store, Audio Ninja has been the number one in its music games category in 63 countries with 5-star ratings in most cases.

For more information, please follow the following link: Innovators Under 35



You can not choose your dreams, but you can control them.

BEAT BOY Is an autorunner platformer (currently in development) where player’s actions are related to different musical mechanics. It is a cutting edge rhythm-adventure game developed with a proprietary beat matching technology where music is perfectly synchronized with action. The game features outstanding graphics, brilliant electronic music and multi-player gaming. BEAT BOY combines a player’s audio and visual senses together in a journey through a teenager’s dream/nightmare world. Players can compose and mix music through the platformer mechanics and they can create their levels too!

BEAT BOY is a perfect blend of rhythm and adventure. It takes the fun and addictiveness of the music games and puts them into the intriguing world of a platformer adventure game. It is like a very fast paced platformer where the players must perform multiple actions very fast and the music beats are the keys to perform them well. Music empowers players to become faster than they ever thought possible!

Boom Fighters


Boom Fighters is a Game in development about a world where fun was kidnapped and locked into a secret place by an evil entity, but there is group of fighters whose quest is to release it and make it available to the people again.

This game is a music platformer with many rhythm-related mechanics like running, jumping, defeating enemies, avoiding obstacles, crouching, among many others!

We are currently working  on the first playable demo and we’ll upload a video soon!

Work for Hire

Based in Bogota Colombia, we offer a unique mix of low man-month rates and exceptional creativity. We created Audio Ninja, the award winning music beat-matching game for mobile phones and are licensed developers for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

About Us

Don’t play the music, play with the music.

Cocodrilo Dog’s proven technology TORI, is what sets our games apart from other music games. We don’t create abstract games about lines and dots with rhythmic patterns. We create heroes, worlds and stories that are perfectly merged with music dynamics like rhythm and tone.

We want to build the next generation of music games. Cocodrilo Dog’s vision is a musical-gaming format that appeals to everybody. It is easy to learn and highly addictive!

Our tech processes audio synthesis and sampling, and provides an API to generate interactive behaviours based on music such as movement, beat matching, pitch matching, procedural generation of music, recording, etc. It basically allow us to create any kind of music-related interactive content, including very well executed rhythm games and apps.

Our Way

In Cocodrilo Dog we treat every single pixel, sound and line of code as a piece of art. We do what we love and love what we do.

We implement iterative processes of design, art and programming during the development process, until we surpass our own expectations and that of our clients.


Marge Torres

I loved to play video games with my dad when I was a little girl. It was thanks to a “Nichiman” (A Colombian version of the Micro Genius console) that I learned how to play Baseball, to shoot to innocent ducks (now I have mixed feelings about that) and rescue the princess from Donkey Kong. BTW, parents, please play video games with your kids, it is an experience that they won’t forget. Today I’m a great fan of the video games and tech industry and I’m an excellent Mario Kart player and other racing games.

I think that beauty is  in the details. I like the good quality in the work, innovative ideas and people that can solve problems. If you want to see my LinkedIn profile, please go here

Juan Pablo Reyes

I started my video games career when I was 6 and my older brother though me how to play Atari 800 LX games like Montezuma’s Revenge, Pole Position and Bruce Lee. Some years later I purchased a Sega Genesis and Sonic 2 became one of my all-time favourite games. Then I discovered how to perform fatalities in Mortal Kombat II and oh my! I was dragged to the dark side of the force.

If you want to learn more about my profile, please visit my LinkedIn page.

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